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Funtoo Linux Subarches

This page provides an overview of Funtoo Linux subarches.

AMD Processors


The amd64-piledriver subarch supports the AMD Piledriver microarchitecture produced by AMD from mid-2012 through 2015, which is the successor to the AMD bulldozer microarchitecture. Piledriver CPUs and APUs are available that use the FM2 socket. Piledriver CPUs use the AM3+ socket.

Desktop piledriver CPU and APUs include Vishera (FX-8350, FX-8370), Trinity A-series APUs (A6-5400K, A10-5800K) and Richland A-series APUs.

Server piledriver CPUs include Delhi (Opteron 3300-series), Seoul (Opteron 4300-series) and Abu Dhabi (Opteron 6300-series). More information here.

Piledriver adds several new instructions over bulldozer, so AMD bulldozer systems cannot run amd64-piledriver-optimized stages. However, this subarch is instruction-compatible with its successor, the, so amd64-piledriver stages can run on amd64-steamroller systems, and vice versa.


The amd64-steamroller subarch supports the AMD steamroller microarchitecture, produced from early 2014. It is the successor to the AMD Piledriver microarchitecture. Steamroller APUs are available that use the FM2+ socket and FP3 socket (mobile.)

Desktop steamroller APUs include the Kaveri A-Series APUs, also available in mobile versions. Server steamroller APUs include the Berlin APUs, which are not yet released.

Amd64-steamroller subarches are instruction-compatible with amd64-piledriver, but add new instructions over amd64-bulldozer.