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Summary: A tool for securing communications between a client, and a DNS resolver.



IP Space Migration Continues

All Funtoo user containers in the 8.28 IP space will be moving into our new IP space (172.97) over the next few days. If you have DNS set up -- be sure to watch your container and update to the new IP! container.host.funtoo.org DNS will be updated after the move.
2015-08-27 by Drobbins

Funtoo Hosting IP Move

Funtoo user containers with IPs in the 72.18.x.x range will be gradually migrating to new IP addresses this week. If you have DNS entries for your containers, please be aware that your DNS will need to be updated.
2015-08-11 by Drobbins

New ARM Stages

New ARM Stages, built with a new toolchain, are now hitting mirrors. Existing ARM users should re-install using these stages (dated Aug 3, 2015 or later,) rather than upgrade using emerge.
2015-08-06 by Drobbins



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DNScrypt provides encryption from clients to upstream DNS servers. Encrypting this traffic prevents spying, spoofing, and other man in the middle attacks.


# emerge dnscrypt-proxy



work in progress, & untested

/etc/conf.d/dnscrypt-proxy controls settings for DNScrypt. A list of resolvers has been compiled for use with DNScrypt.


# rc-update add dnscrypt-proxy default
# rc