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MAC changer is a program that will change an interfaces mac address.
{{console|body=###i## emerge net-analyzer/macchanger}}
{{console|body=###i## emerge net-analyzer/macchanger}}

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Summary: Utility for viewing/manipulating the MAC address of network interfaces



ARM Rebuild

ARM systems will use new stage3's that are not compatible with earlier versions.
2015-06-27 by Drobbins

ABI X86 64 and 32

Funtoo Linux has new 32-bit compatibility libraries inherited from Gentoo. Learn about them here.
2015-06-18 by Drobbins

Pre-built kernels!

Funtoo stage3's are now starting to offer pre-built kernels for ease of install. read more....
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MAC changer is a program that will change an interfaces mac address.

# emerge net-analyzer/macchanger



to change an address you must completely disconnect from all networks on the interface

Show Vendor Codes

# macchanger -l

Generate a Random Address

# macchanger -r wlan0

Pretend To Be A Burned In Address

# macchanger -rb wlan0

Manually Assign an Address

# macchanger -m 11:22:33:44:55:66 wlan0

Revert All Changes

# macchanger -p wlan0