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###i## rc-update add firewalld
###i## rc-update add firewalld
###i## rc}}
###i## rc}}
{{note|you may need to run rc-service {ip,eb,nf}tables save to enable these services to start}}
=== Binaries ===
;firewall-applet  (gui systray icon)
;firewall-config  (gui configuration menus)
;firewall-offline-cmd -h  (many command line options
;firewall-cmd -h  (command line back end to firewall-config)
;firewalld  (command line firewall daemon control)
=== gui ===
=== gui ===

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Summary: A firewall daemon with D-BUS interface providing a dynamic firewall



Perl Updates

Gentoo has bumped perl from 5.20 to 5.22. Be sure to run perl-cleaner --all after the upgrade.
2015-07-25 by Drobbins

ARM Rebuild

ARM systems will use new stage3's that are not compatible with earlier versions.
2015-06-27 by Drobbins

ABI X86 64 and 32

Funtoo Linux has new 32-bit compatibility libraries inherited from Gentoo. Learn about them here.
2015-06-18 by Drobbins



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Firewalld is from our fedora friends. Firewalld comes with a gui if the use flag is activated for it. Firewalld is a daemon that is on top of iptables, ebtables, & nftables. Firewalld inserts rules dynamically with out having to restart the kernel layer firewalls, and has interfaces to insert manual iptables, ip6tables, ebtables, and nftables rules. Package:Sshguard can be used along side firewalld to dynamically block attackers. Firewalld is very tightly integrated with Package:NetworkManager.


firewalld-0.2.x is very buggy under gentoo & funtoo, the init process refuses to stop among other things. it's really bad, pre alpha quality. go to nftables, or iptables now. or use the firewalld-0.3.x series.




If you would like an application to configure firewalld, set the gui use flag.

# emerge net-firewall/firewalld


# rc-update add consolekit
# rc-update add dbus
# rc-update add iptables
# rc-update add ip6tables
# rc-update add ebtables
# rc-update add nftables
# rc-update add firewalld
# rc


you may need to run rc-service {ip,eb,nf}tables save to enable these services to start


firewall-applet (gui systray icon)
firewall-config (gui configuration menus)
firewall-offline-cmd -h (many command line options
firewall-cmd -h (command line back end to firewall-config)
firewalld (command line firewall daemon control)


If the gui is merged in, to load it:

# firewall-applet

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