Metro Recipes

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How do I build an OpenVZ template?

# /root/git/metro/scripts/ funtoo-current core2_64 openvz

How do I build a VServer template?

The latest git version of metro supports vserver natively:

# /root/git/metro/scripts/ funtoo-current core2_64 vserver

How do I build an Linux Containers (LXC) template?

The latest git version of metro supports LXC natively:

# /root/git/metro/scripts/ funtoo-current core2_64 lxc

How do I build stuff, plus an OpenVZ template?

Sometimes it's handy to be able to build a multi-target like "full" (the default stage1/2/3 build) or "freshen" plus an additional single target such as "openvz", "lxc" or "vserver". The advantage of using this approach is that the second target will only build if the first one completes successfully. Metro now accepts a "+(single-target)" to specify one additional extra target:

# /root/git/metro/scripts/ funtoo-current corei7 full+openvz

This comes in handy for cron jobs.

How do I build more than one stage a day?

To build more than one stage a day, use the full syntax to as shown below, and specify the suffix of your preference to the datestamp. From Metro's perspective, the datestamp is just a string so anything will work -- "[today's date]-1", "test", "test-3", etc. will all be accepted by Metro. Metro will record the last stage3 built and use it as a seed stage.

# /root/git/metro/scripts/ funtoo-current generic_64 full 20111231-1