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Download/Browse Funtoo Linux Subarches

This page provides an overview of Funtoo Linux sub-architectures (also called subarches) designed for quick and easy reference. Funtoo Linux provides optimized installation images for all sub-architectures listed below. Clicking on a particular subarch will bring you to a detail page where you can learn more about that subarch and download a stage3 for installation.


There are a couple of ways to identify the type of CPU you have. One option is to use the lscpu command:

# lscpu

If the lscpu command is unavailable, you can get similar information via /proc:

# cat /proc/cpuinfo

The cpuid command is another option and can provide other interesting information:

# emerge cpuid; cpuid | tail -n 1


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32-bit ARM Processors


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64-bit AMD Processors
64-bit Intel Processors
64-bit PC-Compatible (Generic) Processors
32-bit AMD Processors
32-bit Intel Processors
32-bit PC-Compatible (Generic) Processors