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This page lists processor instruction sets that can be enabled on Funtoo Linux systems using the CPU_FLAGS_* variables.


FlagIntroducedByPart ofAdopted inNameLinks
mmx1997 (Pentium MMX)IntelMMXSee Wikipedia:MMX (instruction set)
3dnow1998 (AMD K6-2)AMD3DNow!See Wikipedia:3DNow!
mmxext1999IntelsseIntel Pentium III (as part of SSE) and AthlonAMD MMX ExtensionsSee Wikipedia:Extended MMX
3dnowext1999 (AMD Athlon)AMD3DNow! ExtensionsSee Wikipedia:3DNow!#3DNow extensions
sse1999 (Pentium III)AMDAthlon XPStreaming SIMD Extensions (SSE)See Wikipedia:Streaming SIMD Extensions
sse22001 (Pentium 4)IntelAMD Athlon 64/OpteronStreaming SIMD Extensions 2 (SSE2)See Wikipedia:SSE2
sse32004 (Pentium 4 Prescott)IntelAMD Athlon 64 (some steppings)Streaming SIMD Extensions 3 (SSE3/PNI)See Wikipedia:SSE3
ssse32006 (Core 2 Woodcrest)IntelAMD Bobcat/BulldozerSupplemental Streaming SIMD Extensions 3 (SSSE3)See Wikipedia:SSSE3
sse4_12007 (Core Penryn)IntelAMD BulldozerSupplemental Streaming SIMD Extensions 4.1See Wikipedia:SSSE4#SSE4.1
sse4alate 2007 (Barcelona/Phenom)AMDN/ASupplemental Streaming SIMD Extensions 4aSee Wikipedia:SSSE4#SSE4a
sse4_2late 2008 (Nehalem/Core i7)IntelAMD BulldozerSupplemental Streaming SIMD Extensions 4.2See Wikipedia:SSSE4#SSE4.2
popcnt2007AMDIntel NehalemPOPCNTSee Wikipedia:SSE4#POPCNT_and_LZCNT
lzcnt2007AMDIntel HaswellLZCNTSee Wikipedia:SSE4#POPCNT_and_LZCNT
aes2008IntelAMD BulldozerAES instruction setSee Wikipedia:AES instruction set
xop2011 (Bulldozer)AMDXOP Instruction setSee Wikipedia:XOP instruction set
avx2011 (Sandy Bridge)IntelAMD BulldozerAdvanced Vector ExtensionsSee Wikipedia:Advanced Vector Extensions
fma42011 (Bulldozer)AMDN/A4-operand fused multiply-add (a × b + c)See Wikipedia:FMA instruction set
fma32012 (Piledriver)AMDIntel Haswell3-operand fused multiply-add (a × b + c)See Wikipedia:FMA instruction set