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Download/Browse Funtoo Linux Subarches

This page provides an overview of Funtoo Linux sub-architectures (also called subarches) designed for quick and easy reference. Funtoo Linux provides optimized installation images for all sub-architectures listed below. Clicking on a particular subarch will bring you to a detail page where you can learn more about that subarch and download a stage3 for installation.


There are a couple of ways to identify the type of CPU you have. One option is to use the lscpu command:

# lscpu

If the lscpu command is unavailable, you can get similar information via /proc:

# cat /proc/cpuinfo | grep "^model name" | uniq
model name	: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-2640M CPU @ 2.80GHz

The cpuid command is another option and can provide other interesting information:

# emerge cpuid; cpuid | tail -n 1

Finding which subarch your hardware needs to use takes a little bit of searching. Take the chip name gathered, then google wiki chipname to find the wikipedia article for your chip. The right hand column of your processors wiki article will list the microarchitecture.

example: searching for "amd phenom wiki" returns this article & the article says its "Microarchitecture K10"

{{#ask:CPU Family::64-bit Intel Processors |?# |?Subarch |?CFLAGS |?Description |format=template |link=none |headers=hide |searchlabel=... further results |sep=, |template=SubarchList }}

{{#ask:CPU Family::64-bit AMD Processors |?# |?Subarch |?CFLAGS |?Description |format=template |link=none |headers=hide |searchlabel=... further results |sep=, |template=SubarchList }}

{{#ask:CHOST::i686-pc-linux-gnu |?# |?Subarch |?CFLAGS |?Description |format=template |link=none |headers=hide |searchlabel=... further results |sep=, |template=SubarchList }}


{{#ask:CPU Family::32-bit ARM Processors |?# |?Subarch |?CFLAGS |?Description |format=template |link=none |headers=hide |searchlabel=... further results |sep=, |template=SubarchList }}

32-bit ARM Processors


{{#ask:CPU Family::64-bit AMD Processors |?# |?Subarch |?CFLAGS |?Description |format=template |link=none |headers=hide |searchlabel=... further results |sep=, |template=SubarchList }}

{{#ask:CPU Family::64-bit Processors (PC-Compatible, Generic) |?# |?Subarch |?CFLAGS |?Description |format=template |link=none |headers=hide |searchlabel=... further results |sep=, |template=SubarchList }}

64-bit AMD Processors
64-bit PC-Compatible (Generic) Processors