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I'm using grub2pxe, (by the way serving sysresccd thru pxe and all is ok)
Got all done, winxp.0 ready... tftp, nfs, samba..everything is right...
|Full name=David Whyte
but I'm still wondering what to put in grub.cfg to substitute for "KERNEL winxp.0"
|Geoloc=55.1699396, -118.79861519999997
|Location name=Grande Prairie, Alberta, Canada
I've been fiddling with attempts like
legacy_kernel (pxe)/winxp.0 (pxe)/winxp.0 
dunno why this has to be put twice..
still no progress

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Grande Prairie, Alberta, Canada (55° 10' 11.7826", -118° 47' 55.0147")