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Want to submit a screenshot? [http://forums.funtoo.org/index.php?/topic/180-screenshots/ See here.]
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'''Funtoo Linux''' is a Linux-based operating system that is a variant of [http://www.gentoo.org Gentoo Linux]. Funtoo Linux is:
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* ...'''fun!''' Our priority is to create a ''great, supportive and responsive'' user community.
* ...'''user-centric'''. You don't need any special privileges to collaborate with us.
* ...'''production-oriented''': We use Funtoo to do stuff, like host our infrastructure. It needs to work.
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* ...'''creative''': We seek creative, elegant and maintainable solutions to problems of all kinds.
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==== News ====
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== Resources ==
'''View the [[Funtoo Linux FAQ]] for answers to common questions.'''
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Join us - {{CreateAccount}}, and then add yourself to our [[Usermap]]!
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[[Support Funtoo]] to help our project grow! '''Donate $15 per month and get a free [[Funtoo Hosting|Funtoo Virtual Container]].'''
'''Our resources:''' -- also see the <code>Go</code> menu:
* '''{{CreateAccount}}''' ([[Funtoo Authentication FAQ|Auth FAQ]])
* '''[http://forums.funtoo.org forums.funtoo.org]''' - our new forums!
* '''[http://bugs.funtoo.org bugs.funtoo.org]''', our bug tracker ([[Reporting Bugs|Instructions]]).
* [http://larrythecow.org larrythecow.org], Gentoo blog service.
* [http://kernel-seeds.org kernel-seeds.org], kernel build help.
* [http://git.funtoo.org git.funtoo.org], our cgit repository browser.
* '''[[Support Funtoo]]''' to help our project grow.
* '''[[Funtoo Hosting|Get a Funtoo Virtual Container]]'''.
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== Getting Started ==
We encourage you to '''[[Funtoo Linux Installation|install Funtoo Linux]]''', and get involved in our user community. Get to know fellow Funtoo Linux users on our '''[http://forums.funtoo.org forums]'''. If you have any improvements or find any bugs in Funtoo Linux, you are strongly encouraged to report them on our '''[http://bugs.funtoo.org bug tracker]'''. We take all bugs seriously, and all work performed on Funtoo Linux is tracked on our bug tracker, for purposes of transparency.
Funtoo Linux has a very active [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/IRC IRC] community on Freenode, in the <code>#funtoo</code> channel, and you are encouraged to hang out online with us.
== Expand the wiki! ==
The [[:Help:Funtoo_Editing_Guidelines | How to 'wiki']] will help get you started on wiki editing. Have a look at [[Requested-Documents]] and [[:Category:Needs_Updates | pages that need to be updated.]]
See [[:Category:Ebuilds|Ebuilds]] for a list of all ebuild pages, and [[Adding an Ebuild to the Wiki]] for information on how to add one.
'''Ebuild pages recently updated:''' {{#ask: [[Category:Ebuilds]]
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== Distinctives ==
Funtoo Linux packages are installed from source code, automatically, thanks to the [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Portage_(software) Portage ports system], inspired by the FreeBSD ports system, but written in Python and with full advanced package management functionality. Funtoo Linux is a meta-distribution, which means it is built (fully automatically) with the functionality and optimizations that ''you'' want, not what some distro maintainer thought was best for you.
We use [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Git_(software) Git] for all our development, and we also use Git to deliver our ports tree to you.
In contrast to Gentoo Linux, we offer a number of innovations, including our extensive use of git, [[Funtoo 1.0 Profile|our profile system]], [[Package:Boot-Update|boot-update]] boot management tool, our incredibly flexible [[Funtoo Linux Networking|template-based networking scripts]], [[Metro Quick Start Tutorial|Metro]] distribution build system, support of Debian, RHEL and other kernels, [[Creating_Python-related_Ebuilds|enhanced Python support]], Portage mini-manifests, user-centric distribution model, and a large number of community infrastructure improvements.
== Project Structure ==
Funtoo Linux is led by [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Daniel_Robbins_(computer_programmer) Daniel Robbins], the creator and former Chief Architect of [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gentoo_Linux Gentoo Linux], who serves as benevolent dictator for life (BDFL) of the project.
'''Learn more about Funtoo Linux's [[staff]] and [[Funtoo Linux Vision|development vision]].'''
== [[User:Drobbins|drobbins]] ==
[[GNOME First Steps|GNOME 3.12]]
([[Funtoo_Linux_FAQ#Do_you_support_systemd.3F|without systemd]], because that's how we roll.)
Note: Badgers optional.
|slideImage=File:gnome3122.jpg|slideLink=GNOME First Steps}}
== [[User:Anak1n|anak1n]] ==
flux box
== spectromas ==
[[Package:Awesome_(Window_Manager)|Awesome WM]]
|slideImage=File:awesome.jpg|slideLink=Package:Awesome (Window Manager)}}
== [[User:Anak1n|anak1n]] ==

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