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AppImages are a compact and independent method of storing applications where the application and its necessary dependencies are stored in a single file. By default, AppImages do not work automatically in Funtoo 1.4 and earlier, but can be ran by enabling Fuse in Funtoo.

Kernel Configuration

For AppImages to run, you need to make sure the Fuse Kernel Module is enabled. To enable Fuse you can run the following commands:

root # modprobe fuse

To make fuse permanent, put fuse as a kernel module.


Running AppImages

At this point, you can now download your AppImage. Once you download the AppImage, you can run the following command to make the AppImage executable via the terminal.

root # chmod +x name.appimage

Once this is done, it should be executable via running

user # ./name.appimage

or by double cliking the executable in your preferred File Manager.

Removing AppImages

AppImages can be removed by deleting them. Due to the compartmentalized nature of AppImage files, there are no issues surrounding dependencies when you delete one. To remove an AppImage you can delete them in your preferred File Manager or simply run:

user # rm name.appimage