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Choose Funtoo!

  • Funtoo is a true source-based operating system that gives you the freedom to learn, change, and make it better.
  • Funtoo is led by Daniel Robbins who has proven himself to have the skills and qualifications to keep improving Funtoo.
  • Funtoo is a rolling release distribution which is essentially version-less once installed.
  • Since Funtoo is built locally from source it is optimized for your machine, especially if you use an 8-core processor.
  • Funtoo's team of core developers are a small tight-knit community which welcomes others to join the development family.
  • Do you want to use $application but don't care much for $optional_feature? With USE flags, you have full control over what you install on your system.
  • Major updates such as toolchain upgrades are tested vigorously before they are introduced to the main branch.