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A good addition to the Funtoo documentation would be some articles that explains what you can do with a Funtoo box in an enterprise environment (some articles have a stubs some others are simply not there - yet).

Suggestions of subjects amongst several hundreds one:

  • Swappable environments (a la Solaris Live Upgrade)
  • High-Availability services / Clustering => *MAJOR*
  • Kerberos authentication
  • Windows/Active directory integration (samba/samba4)
  • Automated monitoring with Nagios
  • OpenSCAP
  • OpenTAP
  • Funtoo box as a SAN server (iSCSI) / connecting a Funtoo box to an enterprise SAN (Multipath)
  • Funtoo box as a LDAP Server


  • **No formal procedures**, procedures in a general context are bad because they tends to make people acting like stupid robots and tends to cripple their mind thus making them do stupid things without encouraging to understand what they are doing and why they doing this or that. If a plane crashed in your datacenter following a pre-established and precise recovery procedure is a requirement but not in our context. The spirit is more Give a quick and clear workshop on the subject. Don't hesitate to use the Lab category then provide a more structured and complete content.
  • Professional style (fundamental!) i.e. no swearing or familiar language, no abusive use of smileys and objective facts. Using the neutral 3rd person is highly advised.
  • Show you master your subject (fundamental!) nothing is more frustrating than wasting time on very vague or fancy explanations holding nothing but an absolute nosense.
  • No ultra-detailed technical explanations unless necessary (e.g. understanding the very precise details of the Fibre Channel protocol is probably not essential but briefly connecting the article to some behind-the-scene details is a plus value)
  • Don't hesitate to explain the concepts (synthetic)
  • Stay objective in all cases ("This is my preferred method" is not)
  • Original work (please don't copy/paste especially copyrighted work)

The goal is to make people keep us as a quick and synthetic reference in their bookmarks (meaning more potential Funtoo users and contributors) and contribute to push Funtoo as an entreprise-class Linux distribution. :-)