Livecd 20220715-1607

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Livecd 20220715-1607 (codename "Timothy C. May") is a minor release which was released on 15 July 2022.

Download link

  • md5: 4b948443d414ad5392ccc029d8fd4c9e
  • sha256: ebbf9d5572e23243edc2599cd0c08db1e3a998c64e6fef4288124ebf7abdc619


  • New grub menu visual
  • Fchroot updated to 1.0.0 (
  • debian-sources (Kernel Official Funtoo) updated to 5.18.5_p1-r1
  • sys-fs/zfs updated to 2.1.5
  • Included tools to secure boot (sys-boot/shim sys-boot/mokutil app-crypt/efitools app-crypt/sbsigntools sys-boot/mokutil sys-libs/efivar app-crypt/pesign sys-boot/gnu-efi)
  • Included app-accessibility/espeakup (screen reader for blind users)