Livecd 20221229-0411

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Livecd 20221229-0411 (codename "Nick Szabo") is a minor release which was released on 29 December 2022.

Download link

  • md5: 67def570bb543dbf27b75ed96facc4ed
  • sha256: 5706169c4c015e993aa3226c030208ac839c06de0ea885ff47ff03032b166f88


  • Added secure boot support
  • debian-sources (Kernel Official Funtoo) updated to 5.18.16_p1
  • Included app-arch/p7zip
  • Included www-client/w3m
  • Minor bug fixes
  • sys-fs/zfs updated to 2.1.7
  • ZFS modules now started on boot
  • Upgraded Memtest86 compatible with secure boot/UEFI