Funtoo Telemetry Phase1 Activity

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   Activity Info
Parent ProjectFuntoo:Telemetry
Start Date09 February 2022
End Date22 March 2022
Jira IssueFL-9365
Activity KindLivestream


Convert all Prometheus and Grafana related Gentoo staging packages to funtoo-metatools auto-generated binary packages, that dynamically pull the latest release from the associated package's GitHub Releases. Also, during this Phase, the initial foundation of Telemetry Project auto-generated templates will be worked through so it can be evolved during Phase 2.


Here are the general objectives of Phase 1 of the Telemetry Project:

  • Create -bin based autogens for the amd64 architecture for all Official Prometheus/Grafana upstream per-compiled binaries
    • This includes the core Prometheus Software set: Prometheus and Alertmanager and the Grafana web application
    • Additional it includes a subset of official Prometheus exporters designed and maintained by the Prometheus upstream team
  • Leverage Funtoo Autogen technologies from the Metatools Project to auto-generate all these new packages so they automatically stay up to date with their upstream GitHub Releases


Phase 1 of the Telemetry Project has officially been completed. Mostly all of the work done in this Project Activity Phase was conducted during Funtoo Linux Community Live Streams on Discord and in coordination with community members. Thank you for everyone who participated, contributed, and reviewed lots of pull requests! All Pull Requests created during Phase 1 and eventually converted into autogens are documented here for everyone reference and learning: User:Siris/Autogen_PR_Examples