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Unless otherwise noted under the Exceptions section below, the content on this wiki ("Funtoo Wiki") is a collection of works that is copyright 2010-2011 Funtoo Technologies. All rights reserved.


When you contribute content to this wiki, you agree to place your contributions in the public domain. In general, this is the legal norm for small edits, corrections and improvements that do not qualify for copyright protection, which constitute the majority of wiki contributions. For larger full, works or significant improvements that you author and contribute to this wiki, you also agree to place these contributions in the public domain and agree these contributions are your own and you are able to place them in the public domain. All contributions will become part of the larger collection of works known as "Funtoo Wiki" and made available under the copyright and licensing terms defined above.


  • Funtoo Filesystem Hierarchy - Currently, these pages are derived from the FHS project and a copyright notice is preserved on the main page per the licensing requirements. The long-term goal is to replace these pages with entirely new, original content that is Funtoo Linux-specific.


This wiki is maintained by Daniel Robbins and the Funtoo Linux Core Team, who take overall responsibility for authoring, editing, reviewing and otherwise maintaining the content on this wiki. Contributions to this wiki are allowed as long as they do not negatively impact the ability of Funtoo Technologies to maintain authorship of and protect the content of this site against unauthorized use.