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This page is a translated version of the page Funtoo Linux Kernels and the translation is 64% complete.

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本节将介绍 funtoo 中使用的内核。 一些值得关注的点:

  • 大多数 Funtoo Linux 内核都支持方便的 binary USE 标记,如下所述。
  • Funtoo Linux 提供了来自其他 Linux 发行版的高质量内核,如 debian-sources
  • 高级用户可能需要查看 Additional Kernel Resources


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这是 Debian 的内核,长期支持版,也是 Funtoo Linux 的默认内核。这些 ebuilds 现在支持 binary USE 标记。


这是 Debian 内核的最新版本,但它不太适合服务器系统。

Binary USE

Many of the kernel ebuilds in Funtoo Linux support the very useful binary USE flag. By enabling this USE flag and emerging the kernel, the ebuild will automatically build a binary kernel image, initramfs and kernel modules and install them to /boot. The binary kernel image and initramfs can be used to boot your Funtoo Linux system without requiring any additional configuration. This is a great way to get a Funtoo Linux system up and running quickly. Here's how to do it:

root # echo "sys-kernel/debian-sources binary" >> /etc/portage/package.use
root # emerge debian-sources
root # nano -w /etc/boot.conf
root # ego boot update

More information can be found in the Funtoo Linux Installation Guide.