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Glance is a component of OpenStack that allows you to manage virtual machine images. It does have relatively good documentation available at

To install app-admin/glance (package not on wiki - please add), follow these steps:

# emerge -av glance
# rc-update add glance-api default
# rc

This will start glance-registry, the actual repository service, as well as glance-api, which allows remote access to the repository via the Glance API.

To see if you can properly connect to the Glance API, use the glance index command, which should show an index of virtual machine images currently being stored. Since this is a brand-new install, this list should be empty:

# glance index

A virtual machine image can be added to Glance as follows:

# glance add name="Zenoss 3.2.1 VMWare Linux 64-bit" is_public=true container_format=bare disk_format=vmdk < 
========================================================================[100%] 225.027803M/s, ETA  0h  0m  0s

Once added, it will now show up in the index:

# glance index
ID                                   Name                           Disk Format          Container Format     Size          
------------------------------------ ------------------------------ -------------------- -------------------- --------------
3ed1ece7-6510-47f3-aacd-9fab6fd1244b Zenoss 3.2.1 VMWare Linux 64-b vmdk                 bare                      828108108