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Install Guide: Get Acquainted with Funtoo

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Welcome! Before you begin your installation, it is important to familiarize yourself with Funtoo's community and culture:

This is a wolf:


Wolves are interesting creatures. As pack animals, they live together and work cooperatively which allows them to bring down bigger prey. They are also very social. Wolves are the inspiration for our Wolf Pack Philosophy, which are the set of values for our community and explain the "why" for why we do so many things a certain way. In Funtoo, we are all users -- members of the pack -- first and foremost, and all work together to help to make Funtoo better.

Our Support Matrix
This page documents what technologies are supported and not supported in Funtoo Linux. Be sure to review it now. It will help to ensure you choose an installation direction that is well-supported.
New Users
We strongly recommend that new users install the GNOME stage3 as their first environment, as this is the best-tested version of Funtoo and you are much more likely to have a successful install experience. This is recommended even if you have a preference for another desktop environment. Set up the GNOME stage3, get comfortable with Funtoo, and then you are in a great place to explore more.
Also Note
It's also important to note that while we share many technologies with Gentoo, Funtoo's community is different and distinct from Gentoo's community. If you are a previous or current Gentoo user, it's important to adopt the 'Funtoo way' of doing things in your Funtoo environment, and not carry over certain 'Gentoo ways' of doing things.
Gentoo Users, Be Sure To Note
If you're coming from Gentoo, it's important to follow our install documentation as written and not put anything in /etc/make.conf. This is a great example of something in Funtoo that is very different than in Gentoo! We have a tool called ego used to manage our USE settings using multi-profiles, flavors and mix-ins. These profile settings are typically set for you in the GNOME or other desktop stage3s. As much as possible, we all try to use the same profile settings so that we can all work together as a community to make our common settings work reliably for all.

If you want to understand the 'why' of all this, be sure to give the Wolf Pack Philosophy a good read. This is where we help you understand why we do things the way we do. This, combined with the Support Matrix will help you to get acquainted with Funtoo.

Again, welcome! You are now ready to start installing Funtoo.