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Lobot is the funtoo IRC bot that lives in the #funtoo channel on irc.freenode.net. He has the following features:


Container Control - Lobot allows you to start, stop or restart your Funtoo container.
Live Wiki Feed
Lobot posts a live feed of wiki updates.
Dynamic Funtoo issue info
Thanks to lobot's integration with bugs.funtoo.org, any issue ID typed in #funtoo in the format FL-[number] will result in lobot printing out the current status of that bug. In addition, new comments on existing issues as well as new issues will be echoed to the channel.
YouTube Description
- Any www.youtube.com, music.youtube.com or youtu.be shortlinks posted to #funtoo will be identified by lobot, and lobot will use the Google YouTube Data API v3 to get the title and description of the video, which will be posted to the channel.
Lobot greets new visitors to the channel with a friendly "hi there."


The following commands are recognized by lobot and can be sent to him via private message only:

  • link account [funtoo-username] [funtoo-password] - Once you are registered with nickserv, you can use this command to link your freenode account to your funtoo account. To do this, you must supply the funtoo username and password that you use to log in to the funtoo wiki, bugs.funtoo.org or forums.
  • info - Once your funtoo account is linked, this will display your funtoo account information. You must be registered to nickserv for this to work.
  • link container - When you run this command, you will be provided with a special command that you can run inside your Funtoo Container which will make your Funtoo container linked to your Funtoo account. This requires that you are registered with nickserv and that you have previously linked your Freenode account using the link account command (see above.)
  • containers - List all containers associated with your Funtoo account.
  • start [container-name] - Tell lobot to start your container, if stopped.
  • restart [container-name] - Tell lobot to restart your container.
  • stop [container-name] - Tell lobot to stop your container.
  • help - When given this command, lobot will provide a link to his help page (this page.)