Merge Funtoo 1.0 profile support into gentoo

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This page is a work-in-progress proposal to merge the Funtoo profile system into Gentoo Linux.


This page is a proposal for integrating the Funtoo profile system into Gentoo Linux.



Requirements and Design Ideas

Eselect Profile Support

We want eselect-profile to support both the funtoo style profiles and the gentoo style profiles at the same time First thought, says if /etc/{,portage}/make.profile is a symlink, only show gentoo style profiles; this will hide the changes from unsuspecting users so they don't accidently set an experimental profile as gentoo tries to catch up.

If /etc/{,portage}/make.profile is not a symlink, then show a list of old style profiles and new style profiles. This may require funtoo to remove profiles.desc and profiles.eselect.desc from gentoo before replicating.

Catalyst Support

  • seems trivial, support catalyst setting new style profiles.
  • input requested from funtoo team on suggested syntax

Build Profiles in Gentoo

Build prototype profiles in gentoo for all possible x86/amd64 varients.

  • mgorny has some good ideas here for multilib stuff
  • blueness has some good ideas for hardened and alternative libc implementations

Piggy-Back System for Funtoo

Funtoo currently imports various settings from the existing Gentoo system profiles. The new Gentoo profile system should be designed to facilitate this "piggy-backing" to allow for maximum collaboration between Gentoo and Funtoo Linux.