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This page documents potential improvements to Metro.


It would be helpful to move Metro away from being just a bunch of config files. Right now, the config files drive Metro. It would be better to focus on documenting the Python API, and then the config files become a means of populating the API with data, but direct python commands could always be executed instead. Then the config exists to populate the API with data.


  • Add data element
  • Add file
  • Specify template for arbitrary file in chroot (to make it easy to modify any file)
  • Chroot and execution API
  • Cleanup API
  • Packaging API
  • Get rid of multi-targets and replace with python API calls
  • Use API to create new metro front-end to replace
  • metro with real command-line arguments, like -m or --multi to enable multi-mode, -b or --build to specify build, etc.

Other Improvements

  • LiveCD support
  • Kernel build and Initramfs support (for testing as well as pre-built packages)
  • General pre-built package support
  • Sandbox support
  • Metro does not currently properly handle simultaneous snapshot creation