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Creating a Friendly Funtoo Culture

This news item details some recent steps that have been taken to help ensure that Funtoo is a friendly and welcoming place for our users.

By Drobbins / February 2, 2015

Hi everyone,

I want to ensure that everyone who participates in the Funtoo Linux community is welcomed and treated with respect. Often times, this is challenging. Why? Let's face it. Many geeks are not known for their social skills, and are known to argue a lot and treat people like crap. That's just the culture that is out there in geek land, and we are impacted by it and have to deal with it pretty often.

For Funtoo Linux, treating people badly is not something I'm okay with. There were recent 'bad behavior' issues in the #funtoo IRC channel. In response, a number of changes were made:

  1. I have opped a number of community-oriented and friendly Funtoo Linux users and staff. They have been encouraged to deal appropriately with people who are being assholes.
  2. We now have a user <-> staff liaison to help to keep me and others abreast of violations of community standards.
  3. I'm putting myself out there as the final source of arbitration if you are treated badly, even by one of our ops. If you are, email me directly at

The #funtoo channel topic has been updated appropriately:

Funtoo Linux! - This is a laid-back channel. Rules: Treat people with respect. Ops are here to keep things friendly. Treated badly? email the BDFL:

I want everyone to know that this is an issue that is very important to me, and is essential to keeping Funtoo 'fun' and welcoming. You can and should expect our user community and staff to be respectful and polite to you, and if they are not, then I want to hear about it.

Best Regards,