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Gnome-3.20 Update

Gnome-3.20 Update

By Oleg / August 17, 2016
  • gnome-3.20 update available. In Funtoo/Linux it's a major update since October, 2015. This release is mainly improvements and fixes from upstream Gnome project. On Funtoo side, this update involves only few certain changes, which allows to run gnome3 without hard dependency on systemd. To perform update, assuming that, gnome mix-in enabled, use following:
root # emerge --sync
root # emerge -uDN @world

If you are currently running GNOME, it will be necessary to reboot for GNOME 3.20 to function properly.

When decided to try Gnome for the first time, please, read following guide: Any problems and bugs encountered with update should be reported on