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Latest Innovations

This news item documents the latest innovations now available under Funtoo Linux.

By Drobbins / September 7, 2017

There have been several new features introduced into Funtoo Linux, for you to enjoy:


First, meta-repo no longer uses submodules. Make sure you are upgraded to the latest version of ego, which is 2.0.9 as of the time of this news item. meta-repo does have sub-modules, but the new ego ignores them and manages kits directly.

Ego now does some additional validation to ensure that your kits are synchronized, and also performs additional steps to avoid a "detached head" state where possible.

It is also possible to set default branches within /etc/ego.conf, as follows:


python-kit = 3.6-prime
xorg-kit = 1.19-prime

If no defaults are set in /etc/ego.conf, ego will enable the default "official" upstream Funtoo kit.

Console Wiki

Next, we have a great new feature in ego called edoc (or ego doc in its long form.) edoc will render the contents of a wiki page to your console. Use it like this:

root # edoc install | less

Most official pages will render well, although our console renderer is primarily intended to be used to get the latest Install docs displaying nicely in a console window. As you can see by typing the command above, the Funtoo wiki renderer even supports tables :)

Fast Patches

For adventurous types, We have a portage-2.3.8-r2.ebuild in the tree which is featuring my new "fast" patches, which are intended to make emerge faster. If you are an expert user, you may want to check them out. Note that portage-2.3.8-r2 is a very experimental ebuild and has been completely rewritten from upstream Gentoo, so proceed with caution.


-Daniel Robbins BDFL