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Locale and gdk-pixbuf update

Locale and gdk-pixbuf update

By Oleg / July 13, 2016


  • LINGUAS is being replaced by the L10N variable. After a transition time for packages to be converted, LINGUAS will become a normal environment variable. Currently, transition of ebuilds and eclasses take place asynchronously. Users need to add L10N variable in their /etc/portage/make.conf to be able to set locales for packages that are already converted. LINGUAS will work for older, yet no converted packages. Example:
   /etc/portage/make.conf - An example of /etc/portage/make.conf file
L10N="ru uk"
LINGUAS="ru uk"

Update of packages is as simple as:

root # emerge --sync
root # emerge -auDN @world
  • Security update to x11-libs/gdk-pixbuf available.

Update to package by:

root # emerge --sync
root # emerge --oneshot gdk-pixbuf

make sure a following command (below) performed:

root #  revdep-rebuild --library /usr/lib64/

This will make portage recompiling all packages that linked against gdk-pixbuf library. Missing this step may result in desktop issues, like missing icons, garbled desktop or blank screen after gdk-pixbuf update.