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This page is designed to contain an ongoing discussion about features to be desired in future versions of OpenRC. You are encouraged to add your own ideas.

Process Supervision

Process Supervision would allow OpenRC to be able to restart crashed or dead processes as well as interactively query their status.

It would be beneficial to make use of (perhaps by default) a process supervision daemon. S6 Why describes that this should be possible for this supervision to not wake unless notified.

start-stop-daemon rewrite

It has been suggested that rethinking start-stop-daemon may be beneficial. (TODO: Why?)

rc_parallel improvement

There are known issues with using rc_parallel in /etc/rc.conf. It would be great to fix these.

restart improvement

Adding a restart function to an init script will not work, this is a design limitation within OpenRC. Since there may be dependencies involved (e.g. network -> apache) a restart function is in general not going to work. restart is internally mapped to stop() then start() (plus handling dependencies) (Figuring out a reliable improvement for this "bug" is appreciated)

support non-root accounts