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This section contains a work-in-progress list of steps to get OpenStack up and running under Funtoo Linux:

root # emerge rabbitmq-server
root # rc-update add rabbitmq default
root # rc

RabbitMQ is now running. Now let's create an openstack user with password foobar:

root # rabbitmqctl add_user openstack foobar
Creating user "openstack" ...

Now, let's get Keystone up and running. Let's emerge it:

root # emerge keystone

A working sample configuration file will be installed automatically at /etc/keystone/keystone.conf.

Note that admin_token is set to ADMIN by default. This is the master password for Keystone. You may want to change this to something harder to guess. We can disable admin_token later for enhanced security.

root #  rc-update add keystone default
root #  rc

By default, Keystone is configured to store its data in a SQLite database located at /etc/keystone/keystone.db. Let's initialize this database:

root #  emerge --config keystone

Configuring pkg...

 * Got admin_token (SERVICE_TOKEN) of 'ADMIN'
 * Please provide a password for the Keystone admin account:
    > admin_fu
 * Retype the password
    > admin_fu
 * Please provide a password for the Keystone service account:
    > foobar
 * Retype the password
    > foobar
 * Initializing Keystone database
Running keystone tenant-create --name=admin
 > Set ADMIN_TENANT to 9899297af5b14c659e1379be52c7cede
Running keystone tenant-create --name=service
 > Set SERVICE_TENANT to f3174098741b4311a2b5b660be5832d0
Running keystone tenant-create --name=demo
 > Set DEMO_TENANT to 706a116a401649c7a0011447b3f1fc3b
Running keystone tenant-create --name=invisible_to_admin
 > Set INVIS_TENANT to 8b5d5f84f2df41deae446fee8db94b23
Running keystone user-create --name=admin --pass=admin_fu
 > Set ADMIN_USER to 58a4decfe6254efeb6ee926ac5b49877
Running keystone user-create --name=demo --pass=admin_fu
 > Set DEMO_USER to 55294a0dcac442b389c068df78320665
Running keystone role-create --name=admin
 > Set ADMIN_ROLE to 0bcfd242ac454e618ca13b6d675d32ae
Running keystone role-create --name=KeystoneAdmin
 > Set KEYSTONEADMIN_ROLE to 135a5c0c02a547e0a41db868ea3e7988
Running keystone role-create --name=KeystoneServiceAdmin
 > Set KEYSTONESERVICE_ROLE to b05ee92c99554757bd5cd0ee8664ce79
Running keystone role-create --name=anotherrole
 > Set ANOTHER_ROLE to 15f10605d9cf4989affe63f2d88c6caf
Running keystone role-create --name=Member
 > Set MEMBER_ROLE to 57ab630817dc42ac93dcaf940046b3ee
Running keystone user-create --name=nova --pass=foobar --tenant_id f3174098741b4311a2b5b660be5832d0
 > Set NOVA_USER to 954c2af002c2448984d4d6ffeb4ba036
Running keystone user-create --name=glance --pass=foobar --tenant_id f3174098741b4311a2b5b660be5832d0
 > Set GLANCE_USER to 8d76afbd242942e99a1756f6a6789578
 * Completed successfully!

root #