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Funtoo Solutions

Funtoo-Friendly Organization

Funtoo Solutions is the legal entity behind Funtoo Linux. Run by Daniel Robbins, it provides Funtoo Linux infrastructure, including Web site (wiki), bug tracker, forums, unified login infrastructure, build infrastructure -- basically, all the community resources for Funtoo Linux.

Funtoo-Related Services

Funtoo Solutions provides OpenVZ containers to supporters of Funtoo Linux. See Funtoo Containers for more information. Also see information on consulting services, below.

Other Services

This organization only offers Funtoo-related services.

Funtoo Solutions also offers consulting and software development services, specializing in Gentoo/Funtoo Linux, Python software development, MediaWiki deployment and customization, software architecture, and mobile app development. Contact Daniel Robbins at for more information.


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