Corenetwork 1.7.0_beta1

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Corenetwork 1.7.0_beta1 is a beta release which was released on 15 April 2022.

New Features

WireGuard support. The /etc/netif.d/wireguard script has been added, which is designed to automatically use wg-quick to bring up the identically-named interface defined in /etc/wireguard/ifname.conf. To use this template, simply set template=wireguard in the conf.d file. All other configuration comes from the WireGuard configuration file.
Dynamic Bridge Support
Network interfaces can now "opt-in" to a bridge using the bridge= option, rather than being added by the bridge as a slave.
Support for dhclient, part of the net-misc/dhcp package, has been added. Use template=dhclient along with DHCLIENT_OPTS= as needed to set any custom options.
Support for pppd is now available via template=pppd.
Add macvtap net template.
Add macvlan net template.
Add tunnel net template.
SR-IOV support
Support for SR-IOV virtual network interfaces has been added, and can be enabled via vlanmode=sriov. mac_replace can be used to specify a replacement MAC address. virtfn can be used to set the virtual function.
Raw Interfaces for Slaves
It is now possible to specify a raw interface in the slaves= option for a bridge. If you use this new feature, it's assumed that this interface is already ready to be used and in an "UP" state. To use this feature, simply specify the interface name without a "netif." prefix in slaves= in the conf.d file.


dhcpcd fixes
Robustness fixes for dhcpcd support.
Interface name handling
Minor consistency fixes have been made for interface name handling.
Robustness improvements. Add "config" interface conf option. Now we can use config option of interface conf file to specify wpa_supplicant config name. E.g. for config=another.conf wpa_supplicant config will be /etc/wpa_supplicant/another.conf.


lego12239, Oleg Nemanov
pppd template, macvtap template, macvtap template, macvlan template, tunnel template, dhcpcd fixes, wpa_supplicant improvements, dynamic bridge support.
geaaru, Daniele Rondina
dhclient template
kcodyjr, Kevin Kody
Initial SR-IOV virtual interface support
drobbins, Daniel Robbins