Fchroot 0.2

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Fchroot 0.2 (codename "Darth Elmo") is a regular release which was released on 24 February 2022.

Major Changes

PowerPC (--cpu=power7) support has been added.

The magic-reader command (only in the sources) has been added which will inspect a binary and print out its "hexstring" which is used for recognition of the architecture. This is a useful command when adding a new architecture to fchroot.

The overall fchroot sources have been revised. In previous versions, fchroot would exec the chroot command, which would result in only this command ending up running after entering the chroot. Now, fchroot runs chroot but remains asleep until chroot exits. This allows fchroot to clean up bind mounts by recursively unmounting them, which is now the default behavior.

Minor Changes

Display output has been tweaked to look cleaner.