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Unetbootin is an easy to use program to generate live usb disks.


root # emerge unetbootin


Download your favorite ISO, select ISO mode in the program, point to the ISO image, point the program to your flash drive, hit OK.

Windows 7 Live USB Install Keys

Making windows 7 bootable usb install media requires several things to happen in a special order. This requires unetbootin 494 binaries from sourceforge. It is a good idea to also have official portage unetbootin installed to satisfy all of the binary dependencies.

  • Install gparted and ntfs-3g.
  • Format your 8gb or larger media as ntfs.
  • Mount your freshly formatted usb disk
  • Chmod +x unetbootin-linux-494
  • As root run ./unetbootin-linux-494
  • Select disk image, then locate windows ISO. Select show all drives, then navigate to your usb devices ntfs partition.
  • Select ok, have a cup of hot coco as this will take some time. exit rather than reboot. Unmount, and remove flash drive.