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Warsow is highly competitive first-person shooter. Warsow focuses heavily on movement and trickjumps. Warsow has been in active development since first public alpha in 2005. Warsow has wide selection of tricks, including dash, dodge, wall jump, bunny hopping, strafe jumping, double jumping, circle jumping, ramp sliding and rocket jumping.


root # emerge -av warsow


Warsow configs are located in ~/.warsow-1.5/basewsw.


On some keyboard layout warsow console key doesn't work. Workaround is to start warsow from CLI with console open and bind toggleconsole to F1.

Start warsow with console open.

user $ warsow +toggleconsole

Bind toggleconsole to F1 in warsow console.

bind F1 toggleconsole

Now you can open and close warsow console with F1.


Warsow has support for FPS benchmarking. See Benchmarking.