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Hey guys I think that starting a Funtoo News letter or information source, an official Blog may suite our purposes better, would be a great idea for keeping the community informed about the things going on in the world of Funtoo. I think we could provide a lot of information once instead of answering the same questions over and over again. It would also be a good time to bring out the best that Funtoo has to offer. Here are just a few ideas that I have concerning frequency and content.


I think that it would be good to at least to start out with once a month and then as content increases to go to bi weekly or even based on the subject.


I think we should be real open handed about the subject matter but closed handed on the quality. What I mean by that is I think we should include things from developer interviews all the way to user reviews (maybe a Q&A section), and really anything that strikes our fancy and is Funtoo related. I also think that the quality of the content needs to be enforced. Maybe having a couple of people read each article or issue objectively and then say yeah this is good before we ship it out. Tell me what you guys think? Is this a Good Idea?