Partitioning using parted

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From an installation method such as the Ubuntu Desktop 14.04.1 installation disc, partitioning using gdisk is not an option. From the command line there is Parted as an option. GParted is also an option, but it doesn't support setting partition flags which can be necessary.

  1. Start parted on the appropriate device: parted --align=opt /dev/sda
  2. Create an appropriate partition table: mktable gpt or mktable msdos
  3. Create an EFI boot partition if applicable (only on GPT): mkpart primary fat32 1mib 512mib
  4. Create a swap partition (at least the size of RAM if you want to hibernate): mkpart primary linux-swap(v1) 512mib 9gib
  5. Create a root partition: mkpart primary ext4 9gib -0
  6. Set the EFI boot partition if applicable (only on GPT): set 1 boot on
  7. Verify the partition layout: print
  8. Exit Parted: quit