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Funtoo LDAP Overlay

This overlay contains a variety of LDAP-related ebuilds, including 389 Directory Server, OpenLDAP, and associated dependencies. It was created to improve LDAP support in Funtoo Linux.

Packages in this Repository

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Package:389 Directory Server net-nds/389-ds-base This is the core part of 389 Directory Server -- technically, all you need for an LDAP deployment, although many will want to install 389-ds-admin for the graphical management capabilities, too.
Package:389 Directory Server Admin Server net-nds/389-admin The 389 Directory Server Admin Server is an Apache-based application server that can optionally be deployed alongside 389 Directory Server. It allows for remote Java-based management of your 389 Directory Server deployment.
Package:389 Directory Server AdminUtil dev-libs/389-adminutil AdminUtil is a set of utility functions written in C, and a dependency of 389 Directory Server.
Package:389 Directory Server Console app-admin/389-ds-console This is the Java-based remote management console that is used for managing 389 Directory Server (administration as well as the server app itself.)
Package:JSS (Network Security Services for Java) dev-java/jss Network Security Services for Java (JSS) is a Java interface to NSS.
Package:Mozilla LDAP C SDK dev-libs/mozldap This is the Mozilla LDAP SDK in the C language.
Package:Mozilla LDAP Java SDK dev-java/ldapsdk The Mozilla LDAP SDKs enable you to write applications which access, manage, and update the information stored in an LDAP directory.