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Page Summary News Category Author Publication Status Publication Date Deprecated By Icon News Format
News:ABI X86 64 and 32

Funtoo Linux has new 32-bit compatibility libraries inherited from Gentoo. Learn about them here.

General User:Drobbins Published June 18, 2015 News: Extended
News:ARM Rebuild

ARM systems will use new stage3's that are not compatible with earlier versions.

User:Drobbins Published June 27, 2015 News: Extended
News:Baselayout minor Update

Baselayout Minor Update

General User:Oleg Published August 3, 2016 News: Extended
News:Better Experiences: Ego and Vim

Info on Funtoo's new personality tool called 'ego', and user-focused updates to vim's defaults.

General User:Drobbins Published April 27, 2015 News: Extended
News:Boot-update-1.7.0 released, masked for testing

This new version of boot-update contains serial terminal support and lilo fixes.

Packages User:Drobbins Published October 16, 2014 News: Short

CPU_FLAGS_X86 are being introduced to group together USE flags managing CPU instruction sets.

General User:Mgorny Published January 31, 2015 News: Extended
News:Creating a Friendly Funtoo Culture

This news item details some recent steps that have been taken to help ensure that Funtoo is a friendly and welcoming place for our users.

General User:Drobbins Published February 2, 2015 News: Extended
News:Ego-2.2.0 Released

Ego 2.2.0 released - see this link for more info.

User:Drobbins Published October 18, 2017 News: Short
News:Emul Linux Packages Deprecation

Funtoo is switching to true multilib packages. app-emulation/emul-* packages deprecated

Packages User:Oleg Published April 1, 2015 News:ABI X86 64 and 32 Extended
News:Funtoo Hosting IP Move

Funtoo user containers with IPs in the 72.18.x.x range will be gradually migrating to new IP addresses this week. If you have DNS entries for your containers, please be aware that your DNS will need to be updated.

Infrastructure User:Drobbins Published August 11, 2015 News: Short
News:Funtoo Services available thru BreezyOps

Funtoo Linux support and consulting services are now available from BreezyOps.

General User:Drobbins Published January 30, 2017 News: Breezyops.png Extended
News:Funtoo-Stable Going Away

As we move towards the next generation of Funtoo Linux, funtoo-stable is being retired.

General User:Drobbins Published July 11, 2017 News: Extended
News:GCC Update

GCC Update

General User:Oleg Published November 25, 2016 News: Extended
News:Glibc and Pam Update

Security Updates

General User:Oleg Published June 24, 2016 News: Extended
News:GNOME 3.14 Unleashed

GNOME 3.14 is now unmasked and stabilized. Enjoy!

General User:Dantrell Published November 4, 2014 News:Unfork Tree is Live! Gnome.jpg Extended
News:Gnome-3.20 Update

Gnome-3.20 Update

General User:Oleg Published August 17, 2016 News: Extended
News:How We're Keeping You At the Center of the Funtoo Universe

Read about recent developments that keep you, our users, at the forefront of our focus as Funtoo moves forward.

General User:Drobbins Published April 10, 2015 News: Extended
News:Important Updates

Important Updates

General User:Oleg Published May 5, 2016 News: Extended
News:IP Space Migration Continues

All Funtoo user containers in the 8.28 IP space will be moving into our new IP space (172.97) over the next few days. If you have DNS set up -- be sure to watch your container and update to the new IP! DNS will be updated after the move.

Infrastructure User:Drobbins Published August 27, 2015 News: Short
News:Kde4 to Plasma5 migration

Migration to Plasma 5

General User:Oleg Published February 2, 2017 News: Extended
News:Keychain 2.8.2 Released

Keychain 2.8.2, a maintenance and bug fix release, is now available.

General User:Drobbins Published November 16, 2015 News: Extended
News:Kits Are Go (And Ego Needs a Manual Bump)

An update on kits and how to manually update to ego-1.1.3-r3 (required steps for some)

User:Drobbins Published August 17, 2017 News: Extended
News:Kits are Go (Switch to Them!)

Kits are now the official way we do things at Funtoo.

General User:Drobbins Published July 31, 2017 News: Extended
News:Latest Innovations

This news item documents the latest innovations now available under Funtoo Linux.

General User:Drobbins Published September 7, 2017 News: Extended
News:LLVM Targets

LLVM Targets

General User:Oleg Published December 8, 2016 News: Extended
News:Locale and gdk-pixbuf update

Locale and gdk-pixbuf update

General User:Oleg Published July 13, 2016 News: Extended
News:Modular Install Guide Parts

The Install Guide is now modular. Learn how it works, and how you can use it to create your own customized Install Guides.

General User:Drobbins Published November 12, 2014 News: Extended
News:New ARM Stages

New ARM Stages, built with a new toolchain, are now hitting mirrors. Existing ARM users should re-install using these stages (dated Aug 3, 2015 or later,) rather than upgrade using emerge.

User:Drobbins Published August 6, 2015 News: Short
News:New Media Mix-ins

Funtoo Linux now has new media mix-ins. Learn about them and how to use them.

General User:Drobbins Published January 11, 2015 News: Extended
News:New OpenGL management in Funtoo

Funtoo is switching to an improved system for managing multiple OpenGL providers (Mesa/Xorg, AMD and NVIDIA). The update may involve blockers and file collisions.

Packages User:Mgorny Published March 30, 2015 News: Extended
News:New Ports-2017 tree and Kits

Funtoo has a new meta-repo tree, and introducing kits! (BETA)

Development User:Drobbins Published March 27, 2017 News: Kitten.jpg Extended
News:New Raspberry Pi and ODROID builds

We now have builds that are optimized for various Raspberry Pi and ODROID systems.

General User:Drobbins Published January 2, 2017 News: RaspberryPi2.jpeg Extended
News:New Squeezelite Ebuild

Squeezelite streams audio from Logitech Media Server, supporting FLAC, MP3, and hi-res DSD (SACD) formats.

Packages User:Drobbins Published January 6, 2017 News: Squeezebox.jpg Extended
News:Newsletter, Volume 1

Discussed: ati-drivers, GitHub integration, Funtoo on ARM, GNOME updates, Organizations, and two new devs.

User:Drobbins Published January 27, 2015 News: Extended
News:OpenSSH 7 Disables DSA Keys By Default

Please be aware of this important change to avoid getting locked out of your Funtoo server.

Security User:Drobbins Published October 7, 2015 News: Extended
News:OpenSSL Update

OpenSSL Update

General User:Oleg Published March 4, 2016 News: Extended
News:Perl Update

Perl Update and Kernel Update.

General User:Oleg Published October 22, 2016 News: Extended
News:Perl Updates

Gentoo has bumped perl from 5.20 to 5.22. Be sure to run perl-cleaner --all after the upgrade.

User:Drobbins Published July 25, 2015 News: Short
News:PHP and Kernel Updates

PHP and Kernel Updates

General User:Oleg Published April 1, 2016 News: Extended
News:Portage Git Sync Fix

Portage Git Sync fix

General User:Oleg Published November 14, 2016 News: Extended
News:Pre-built kernels!

Funtoo stage3's are now starting to offer pre-built kernels for ease of install. read more....

User:Drobbins Published May 12, 2015 News: Short
News:Project Unfork Status

Here's an update on Project Unfork, plus other neat things.

Development User:Drobbins Published October 3, 2015 News:Unfork Tree is Live! Extended
News:Python Multiplexing(And another Ego update)

An update to ego-1.1.3-r5

User:Oleg Published August 25, 2017 News: Extended
News:Python Updater Deprecation

Python-updater is no longer part of Funtoo Linux.

General User:Oleg Published December 6, 2014 News:Unfork Tree is Live! Extended
News:Python Updates

Python Updates

General User:Oleg Published February 12, 2016 News: Extended

Python-3.3 Removal from Portage Tree

General User:Oleg Published October 28, 2016 News: Extended
News:RSS/Atom Support

You can now follow this news feed at .

User:Drobbins Published February 10, 2015 News: Short
News:Selinux Support

Selinux Support

General User:Oleg Published September 20, 2016 News: Extended
News:Subarch Profiles are coming...

Subarch profiles are on their way! <a href="">Learn more here</a>.

General User:Drobbins Published March 29, 2015 News: Short
News:Testing GNOME 3.14

GNOME 3.14 is now available in Funtoo, masked for testing. Help us test it!

General User:Dantrell Published October 22, 2014 News:GNOME 3.14 Unleashed Gnome.jpg Extended
News:The Many Builds of Funtoo Linux

We now have lots of different builds of Funtoo Linux for various CPUs, as well as Hardened, Stable and ARM, and a new UI to browse them. Learn more here.

Infrastructure User:Drobbins Published December 25, 2014 News: Extended
News:Unfork Tree is Live!

The "unfork" tree is now merged into the main Funtoo Linux tree, and Funtoo Linux is now using shards for core packages, x11 (including media libraries), KDE, GNOME, python and perl.

General User:Drobbins Published October 12, 2015 News: Extended
News:Xorg and other Updates

Xorg and other Updates

General User:Oleg Published February 5, 2017 News: Extended
News:ZFS Status Update

ZFS Status Update

General User:Oleg Published October 18, 2016 News: Extended