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Qtile is a highly configurable tiling window manager distributed under MIT license. It handles both '''tiling and floating''' layouts. It is especially a good alternative to [[Package:Awesome (Window Manager)|Awesome]] for those who are more used to [[Python]] than [[Package:Lua|Lua]]. Indeed, Qtile is written and configured entirely in Python. So whether you are Python guru or whether you are learning Python for a few time, Qtile is an ideal choice to get your environment fit ''your'' needs and feel. If you don't know Python, you can still stuck to the default configuration or pick out one of the [ configuration examples] but a basic understanding of Python language is recommended though.
== Installation ==
###i## emerge -pv qtile
It is generally a good idea to enable the `dbus` useflag to deal with dbus messages. The `widget-*` useflags are only needed if you would like to include the given widgets. These widgets are included in Qtile, but require additional dependencies.

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