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Detailed post-installation steps
It is generally a good idea to enable the <code>dbus</code> useflag to deal with dbus messages. The <code>widget-*</code> useflags are only needed if you would like to include the given widgets. These widgets are included in Qtile, but require additional dependencies.
You can skip to [[#Getting Started]] if you use a [[:Category:Display_Managers|display manager]]. The following lines describe how to use qtile with [[Pacakge:Xinit|Xinit]].
Once you emerged qtile with the useflags of your choice, you can add this line to your <code>~/.xinitrc</code>:
exec --sh-syntax --exit-with-session qtile
You might also want to pass <code>ck-launch-session</code> and/or <code>dbus-launch</code> if you want respectively [[Package:ConsoleKit|ConsoleKit]] and/or [[Package:Dbus|dbus]] support (note that the latter requires the `dbus` useflag). Your <code>~/.xinitrc</code> would then look like:
{{file|name=~/.xinitrc|desc=with consolekit and dbus support|body=
exec ck-launch-session dbus-launch --sh-syntax --exit-with-session qtile
And run <code>xinit</code> to launch qtile. You can also configure a display manager instead, but this is not covered in this document.

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