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=== Customize workspaces ===
By default workspaces are labelled 'a'Coming soon, 's', 'd', 'f', 'u', 'i', 'o', 'p' and can be accessed via {{c|Mod4 + a}}, {{c|Mod4 + s}}, ... {{file|name=~/.config/qtile/|lang=python|body=groups = [Group(i) for i in "asdfuiop"] for i in groups: # mod1 + letter of group = switch to group keys.append( Key([mod],,[].toscreen()) )  # mod1 + shift + letter of group = switch to & move focused window to group keys.append( Key([mod, "shift"],, lazy.window.togroup( )}} You can name your workspaces as you want, changing the string "asdfuiop". As far as I am concerned, I rather like having keys such as F1, F2, F3, ... mapped for my workspaces. Thus I think numbered workspaces are better: {{file|name=~/.config/qtile/|lang=python|body=groups = [Group(i) for i in "12345"] for i in groups: grp = group[i].name key = 'F%d' % (i+1) keys.append(Key([mod], key,[grp].toscreen())) keys.append(Key([mod, "shift"], key, lazy.window.togroup(grp)))}}
=== Startup applications ===

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