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Talk:Funtoo Linux Kernels

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Maybe somebody else wants his/her machine to fit exactly his/her requirements. Then You may want to have a look at tuxonice-sources.
<br />
--[[User:Danielv|Danielv]] ([[User talk:Danielv|talk]]) 18:22, June 27, 2015 (UTC) <br/>
FIrst see<br/><nowiki>#</nowiki> '''emerge -av app-portage/eix''' To see avail Using EIX to view available kernels, I do this command<br/><nowiki>#</nowiki> "etc.'''eix -# sys-kernel/'''"<br/>for a brief listing<brPlease see http:/><br/>or<><nowiki>#<Package:Eix[[Package:Eix|[[Package:Eix|http:/nowiki> '''''eix -c sys-kernel/''''''<>for more detail<br/> Let's say you want to look at sys-kernel/genkernel<br/><nowiki>#</nowiki> '''''eix sys-kernel/genkernel/''''''Package:Eix]]]]

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