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Funtoo Profiles

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{{fancywarning|Please, do not add anything manually into <code>parent</code> file. This may result in profile breakage.}}
== For Developers ==
=== Define the profile sub-sets you will use ===
So far in Funtoo we have used the exact same profiles as Gentoo thus Funtoo/2008.0 was strictly the same thing as Gentoo/2008.0 or the barely the same 10.0. This (monolithic) profile was set though a symbolic link named <code>/etc/make.profile</code> pointing on a complex directory architecture located somewhere under <code>/usr/portage/profiles</code>. This is no longer valid with the Funtoo 1.0 profiles as they are split in several smaller bricks which are then glued together via the <code>/etc/portage/make.profile/parent</code> file (You do not need to include everything, just use the "bricks" you need). Those bricks belongs to several categories:
# MANDATORY -- An "arch" profile which defines settings for a particular architecture. You'll want to set this to whatever arch your system is and leave it alone. '''Setting it to a different arch than your system could severely break it.'''
# MANDATORY -- A "build" profile which should match the tree you wish to use. '''Stable''', '''Current''' (~arch), or '''Experimental''' (use it if you are brave enough and find '''current''' too stable).
# MANDATORY -- A "flavor" profile (what was previously known as ''profiles'' is still known as such in Gentoo) which describes the kind of system you want:
#* minimal - Be warned, minimal is exactly what it says, the minimal profile stuff you need for a usable system, nothing else. This is really for people who know what they're doing.
#* core - This is the core profile. This is for stuff that affects both desktops and servers.
#* desktop - Exactly what it says. If you're using a desktop, you should set this as your flavor.
#* server - If you're running a server, you should set this as your flavor.
# OPTIONAL -- One or more "mix-ins" profiles which describe optional add-ons. 'mix-ins' are the heart of the Funtoo 1.0 profiles. Unlike the monolithic profiles which sets a massive amount of use flags and options for you, we've split them into logical add-on profiles. For instance if you want support for gnome, you would add the gnome mix-in to your current profiles. That mix-in sets all the proper use flags and such for gnome. Same with others. Want dvd support? Add that one in. Using a rhel5 kernel which requires special versions of packages such as udev? There's a mix-in for that too. Run a mail server? web server? There's mix-ins for those also. Expect this category to grow in the future as new mix-ins are created.
The contents of <code>/etc/portage/make.profile/parent</code> for a basic setup might look like this:
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