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Funtoo Profiles

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In Funtoo Linux, multiple types of profiles exist. These include:
;{{TableStart}}{{2Col|{{c|arch: }}|One arch profile is enabled, at build time, and is not changed. This defines CPU architecture-specific settings.}};{{2Col|{{c|subarch: }}|One subarch profile is typically enabled at build time, and defines the CPU optimizations in use.}};{{2Col|{{c|build: }}|One build profile is enabled, at build time, and is generally not changed. It defines the type of build, such as '{{c|current' }} or '{{c|stable'}}, and associated settings.}};{{2Col|{{c|flavor: }}|One flavor is enabled per system, and can be changed by the user. This defines the general use of the system, such as '{{c|minimal'}}, '{{c|core'}}, '{{c|workstation' }} or '{{c|desktop'}}}};{{2Col|{{c|mix-ins: }}|Zero or more mix-ins can be enabled that enable settings specific to a particular subset of features, such as '{{c|gnome'}}, '{{c|kde'}}, '{{c|media'}}, '{{c|mate'}}, '{{c|X'}}, '{{c|hardened'}}. }}{{TableEnd}}
=== Flavors ===
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