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Funtoo Profiles

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Profile Types
== Profile Types ==
Historically, users have had to add a ton of settings to <code>/etc/[[make.conf]]</code> to customize their Gentoo or Funtoo Linux system, which made setup of the operating system more difficult than it should be. In Gentoo Linux, it is possible to only define one ''system profile''. Think of a system profile as the default settings that Portage uses for building everything on your system. Funtoo Linux uses multiple sub-profiles per system. The following profile types are available in Funtoo Linux:
{{2Col|{{c|arch}}|One arch profile is enabled, at build time, and is not changed. This defines CPU architecture-specific settings.}}
{{2Col|{{c|subarch}}|One subarch profile is typically enabled at build time, and defines the CPU optimizations in use.}}
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