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Funtoo Profiles

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{{2Col|{{c|mix-ins}}|Zero or more mix-ins can be enabled that enable settings specific to a particular subset of features, such as {{c|gnome}}, {{c|kde}}, {{c|media}}, {{c|mate}}, {{c|X}}, {{c|hardened}}.}}
{{Note|Flavors can (and often do) inherit settings from other flavors and mix-ins. Mix-ins can also inherit settings from other mix-ins.}}
=== Using epro ===
Remember that profiles can often be inherited. For example, the <code>desktop</code> flavor inherits the <code>workstation</code> flavor settings, which in turn inherits the <code>X</code> and <code>audio</code> mix-ins. You can view this by using {{c|eproshow}}will display the current profile settings on your system
# ##i## epro show
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