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<tr><td>{{c|minimal}}</td><td>This flavor defines contains the most minimal possible flavor. It currently only contains defaults bare minimum settings for all Funtoo Linux flavors.</td></tr><tr><td>{{c|core}}</td><td>The core flavor is includes the minimal flavor , plus reasonable USE optionssettings, and is used for the [[Funtoo_Linux_Installation#Installing_the_Stage_3_tarball|official stage3 buildsdownloads]].</td></tr><tr><td>{{c|server}}</td><td>The In the future, the server flavor is intended will include the core flavor, plus specific settings designed for servers but at this time just tracks . At the moment, it is equivalent to the coreflavor.</td></tr><tr><td>{{c|workstation}}</td><td>The workstation flavor is a minimal desktop system. It includes the core flavor , plus these mix-ins: {{c|X}}, {{c|audio}}, {{c|dvd}}, {{c|media}} and {{c|console-extras}}.</td></tr><tr><td>{{c|desktop}}</td><td>The desktop flavor is a includes the common settings for any full-featured desktop system, minus desktop environment (add KDE, GNOME or XFCE as a mix-in.) It includes the {{c|workstation}} flavor plus {{c|printing}} support. The user is expected to further customize their system with a desktop environment of choice, such as KDE, GNOME, or XFCE, possibly by using a mix-in.</td></tr>

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