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So typically, you would enable the {{c|desktop}} or {{c|workstation}} flavor, and if you need professional hardware support, you'd also enable the {{c|media-pro}} mix-in. If you needed any additional media formats support, you could enable one or more of the {{c|mediaformat-*-extra}} mix-ins to add the formats you needed. Of course, it's possible to enable only the specific mix-ins you need, and also complement these mix-ins with specific USE variable settings you might require.
=== How Profile Settings are Stored Como os Profiles são Armazenados ===
Funtoo Linux stores its profile settings in the {{f|/etc/portage/make.profile/parent}} file. Typically, users don't need to modify this file, instead using {{c|ego}} and {{c|epro}} to make changes, but it can be handy to take a look at what the contents of the file look like. A simple server might have profile settings as follows:

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