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User:Pytony/Home Server Journey

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I wanted to try ZFS and build my own initramfs for the first time. But I also wanted to get it working as soon as possible. So I decided to stick with the [[ZFS Install Guide]] and use genkernel to configure the kernel and initramfs. Knowing that this doesn't prevent me from building alternate kernel/initramfs later.
Bleh, got a kernel panic after reboot. =( I think there is a couple of things I've done wrong:
* I didn't boot sysresccd via UEFI, though I partitioned my disk using `gdisk`
* I didn't care about this warning "''Today is 2015-05-12. ZFS has undertaken an upgrade - from 0.6.3 to 0.6.4. Please ensure that you use a RescueCD with ZFS 0.6.3.''"
* I didn't care about this warning "''When booting into the ISO, Make sure that you select the "Alternate 64 bit kernel (altker64)".''".
So let's try again with <code>funtoo-stable-hardened/pure64/generic_64-pure64</code> stage3.

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