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So let's try again with <code>funtoo-stable-hardened/pure64/generic_64-pure64</code> stage3 (nothing related to the kernel panic here, but I think this will be better than what I originally chose (<code>funtoo-current/pure64/intel64-silvermont-pure64</code>)).
And... it failed again. :) <code>grub-install: error: cannot find EFI directory</code>. I didn't to extensive researches about this error, I'm pretty sure this is due to something I've done wrong in the beginning. So I'm gonna start again. However I'll first try to do a "standard" installation. I thought about using LVM instead of ZFS (I also learned ZFS is a bit greedy in terms of RAM, so this is probably better anyway), but there is a couple of things that I am not used to: UEFI installation, initramfs, use of genkernel to build a kernel, ... I think the first thing to do is successfully building a system booting with UEFI.

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